Be Spectacular™ Image & Eyewear Styling for Optical Fashionistas!

Welcome to the Be Spectacular™ Image & Eyewear Styling program designed specifically for the:

  • Optical Peeps who want to inspire & style fashion eyewear!
  • Optical Fashionistas who want to express their visual brand!
  • Dispensary that wants to be Distinctive!

Inspire & Empower with Clarity

Every time you hear the word “selling” in your head replace those words with “Eyewear Styling”. Styling eyewear is really inviting people to embrace a new image by changing their eyewear.

It’s about inspiring, empowering and conveying with clarity why a unique pair of glasses reflects who they are and the confidence to show them how to accessorize their eyewear with wardrobe and colour. It’s not about being salesy or pushy – you are inviting them to explore their individual Spec Styles and, in the process, transform their total image with new eyewear.

The Art of Eyewear Styling is for your optical business when growth seems just out of sight

Stand out as the Styling Expert
Attract Fanatical Fashion Fans
Step Up Your Game
Introduce Virtual Eyewear Styling
Diversify Your Collections
Create an Exceptional Buying Experience

The good old optical stats tell us that only 10% of people buy more than one-pair of glasses.  We know all about the features and benefits of certain lenses, coatings and tints which does not seem to be compelling enough to inspire them to buy another pair.  You won’t find anything about the newest technology lenses in the Be Spectacular™ program.  This is all about what I consider the FUN FASHION FLUFF that sells multiple pairs of cool specs.

In 2007, having the honour to serve 1,000 + people personally, laid the foundation for this Be Spectacular™ system. Consciously catering to the 5 Spec Styles propelled my multi pair sales from 10% – 68% and doubled my sales revenue. Mentoring optometrists and opticians in Canada, UK, Australia and the USA, I have helped them step up, stand out and style successfully.

Wendy Buchanan

Meet the Creative Force

I’m a country gal who grew up serving people in our family general store and harvesting tobacco on local farms. Retired from dental assisting at the age of 22 feeling compelled to shake up my life, I transitioned from teeth to eyes to become a Licensed Optician. Moving from my small village of 200 to the big city of Toronto I jumped into the optical world with wide-eyed excitement.

All great experiences I will never regret or forget.

In 1997, seeking a change of scenery from retail optical, I trained to be an Image Consultant and was fascinated with the system of dressing and putting together wardrobes for people. Always loving fashion, the idea of changing careers was alluring. And let’s be honest, a little scary.

Exploring different options, I found a creative way to bring together my passion for people, love of the image world with my experienced optical training to approach a new business from both a place of beauty and science launching a fun, personalized, one-of-a-kind mobile eyewear styling service.

Over a decade and having the privilege to style over 1000 people with eyewear to complement clothing style, accessories and facial features, I intuitively was following a process and I had created 5 Spec Styles. This laid the foundation for what would become the Be Spectacular™ Eyewear Styling system in 2007.

Designing the styling program opened the opportunity to travel (another love of mine) to mentor and train image consultants, optometrists and opticians in Canada, UK, Australia and the USA helping them to step up, stand out and style successfully.

Trailblazing Entrepreneur for Women in Canadian Optical

Nominated for the 2018 Women of Influence award 2018.

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Fun Fashion Fluff

Spec Styles

You may already be the Fashionista in your dispensary or practice and intuitively you have a sense of your client’s personality and styling multi pairs.  This is Awesome!

The Spec Styling section in this program is about looking at client’s total image as a form of communicating the WHO, WHAT, WEAR.   Knowing the 5 Spec Styles are simply another optical tool in your back pocket to help you decipher the image your clients are expressing through their clothing style, accessory choices and of course, their SHOES.   You likely agree that they should have as many pair of glasses as they do shoes.  Am I right?

The Spec Style personalities and the vocabulary that resonates with each, arms you with another language to connect with your clients so they feel like “hey, you GET me”.   Think of it as an engaging shortcut to initiate conversations and to streamline the Eyewear Styling process.

Eyewear Design Details

Creating balance and proportion is more than just face shape. I implore you to you review the face shapes but not to “over-analyze”. We are working with humans and it is rare to find a perfect “Round” or a perfect “Heart” shape face. Let’s face it, rules were made to be challenged.

The theory provides the foundation for recommending and communicating design lines, colour placement and shapes to create harmony on the face. The theory gives you confidence to be flexible and understand why certain Spec Style personalities will bend, sometimes completely “snap-in-half” face shape guidelines in favour of fashion.

I would highly recommend (twist your arm persuasive), focusing on the facial features. Enhance the positive! There is nothing negative about our clients, they are flawless & PERFECT!!

Break from Black!

There is a psychological impact between the clothes and accessories a person wears and the way they feel. Colours that are in harmony with hair colour, eye colour and complexion can make someone come alive, feel energized, powerful and HAPPY!

It is easy to style a frame that is tortoise shell or black. There I said it! It is not extraordinary; clients come into your dispensary asking for it and we see it on the streets over and over again.

A “break from black” requires some knowledge of colour theory, fabrics and wardrobe colour preferences to be confident and credible in the discussion. In a busy dispensary there is not usually time for a complete colour analysis nor is it necessary to be an Expert Stylist. It is highly beneficial though to understand colour theory when proposing not just 1 but 2 or 3 pairs of specs to complement your client’s total image.

Eyewear Enthusiasts NEED you! They are:

  • Done with spending $$$ on glasses they don’t love
  • Confused with on-line “do-it-yourself” options
  • Pained by the selection process, dreaded like swimsuit shopping
  • Disillusioned with Ordinary

Elevate your brand. Style for Success.

5 Stages to Magnify Profit


Stage 1 – Four-Eyed Fashionista™ – Step up your fashion savvy.

  • STYLE yourself to Inspire Others! You are your best marketing tool.
  • EMPOWER your clients styling eyewear trends to complement Spec Style personalities.
  • EMBRACE your client by visually assessing style clues conveyed with clothing fabrics & designs, handbags, shoes & jewellery.
Girl with Sunglasses

Stage 2 – Focus on Fit to Flatter!

  • EXPRESS your expertise to create balance & proportion.
  • CONFIDENCE to know how-to bend the rules to honor Spec Style personalities.
  • CONVEY design details to highlight facial features and bone structure.
Color Wheel

Stage 3 – A Break from Black!

  • ELEVATE your knowledge of colour theory.
  • HARMONIZE personal colour.
  • ACCESSSOREYEZ wardrobe colour.

Stage 4 – Ordinary or Extraordinary?

  • DIVERSIFY eyewear inventory that excites the 5 Spec Styles.
  • INCREASE revenue by styling multi-pairs.
  • BOOST your brand and “Be the Face” of your Eyewear Styling dispensary.

Stage 5 – Reframe the Game!

  • EXCEPTIONAL personal styling experience in your dispensary.
  • PIVOT to include Virtual Eyewear Styling.
  • ATTRACT Fanatical Fashion Fans through referral.

Expand your styling confidence where in turn you can create Fanatical Clients who receive Compliments that start Conversations that will Connect YOU to your Community.

It is my hope that you build a long-lasting relationship with your clients styling eyewear that inspires, empowers and emulates their personal Spec Styles!

Be Spectacular!

Wendy Buchanan Logo


Have more questions?  As the way we do business changes, I am here to work with you, share ideas and to help you be SPECTACULAR & SUCCESSFUL.  As we go into the future, I look forward to getting to know you and working together to offer the best STYLING expertise to your clients.

Connect with me at

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