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Then this system is for you if...

You are ready to increase your eyewear
sales & revenue

You want to create brand positioning & differentiate your eyecare business from your competition

You are ready to change the eyewear
buying experience

You want to increase client acquisition,
retention & sales

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3 out of 4 people need prescription eyewear.

Eye wear consumers tell us they are:

  • Frustrated in trying to find trained sales people who know how to choose eyewear styles
  • Looking for someone to take control of the eyewear experience and tell them what to buy
  • Confused about eyewear prices and where to buy

Less than 4% of optical sales people have had professional sales training and only a handful of chain stores have developed a sales system.

Eyewear retailers tell us:

  • They are frustrated at losing business to online
  • They struggle trying to communicate a value proposition of why stay & buy
  • They are not growing multiple pair sales even with generous discounts

Ok... it's time to take business back!
We have a solution...

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When They LOOK good, You LOOK Spectacular!

What People Are Saying About Spec Styling:

We Walk The Talk

Eyewear Image Expert

Wendy Buchanan

Honoured as the trailblazing entrepreneur For Women in Canadian Optical, Wendy Buchanan is the founder and creative force behind Perceptions Eyewear Inc.: a one-of-a-kind mobile eyewear boutique in Toronto, Canada. Having the courage to leave behind the traditional brick and mortar optical shop 20 years ago has offered her the opportunity to cater to men and women who want to love wearing eyeglasses.

Eyecare Training Expert

Trudi Charest

Trudi Charest has an expansive history in the eye care industry, spanning from retail optical as a Licensed Optician, Corporate Trainer to VP of Training for a national Optometry buying group. Trudi is a well known educator, facilitator, author and entrepreneur. She has successfully started three companies with over six divisions, all dedicated to helping eyecare professionals grow their businesses.

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